Love that quote! SPA<3

    Kelly (@LeafynotBeefy) | 6 years ago Reply

    Great quote - like that very much. Glad you're having success with your new training schedule. Six running days is a lot! I think my legs would fall off with that much running! :)

    lvrunsnyc | 6 years ago Reply

      no wonder i was approaching a burn out, they were shorter runs but still

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

        Good thing you listened to your body & adjusted. I just mentioned to someone yesterday about the same thing. I've followed training plans that had "recovery" runs built in. Didn't do well w/ them. Those short, easy runs never felt good to me. Now I use a plan that doesn't have them & I sub spin or yoga (something no/low-impact) as recovery instead. Legs feel so, so much better! It's all trial & error, right?

        lvrunsnyc | 6 years ago Reply

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