MIA Morning Run

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, my life has taken a 180 and I chose to let blogging take a backseat – mostly to spare my 3 readers from hyped up drama and complaining. In my hiatus I’ve been running and its been rough but miles are miles right?

Finding the motivating to get out there and run has been difficult so this morning I fired up my tween dream team playlist (I usually run without music) and headed to my favorite local running place, the harbor.

Why do I love the harbor?

I love being near the water, it always renews my love and admiration for the outdoors.

I love the terrain – part grass, part gravel, part sand, part pavement, part rock, part trail and part sand-mud-gravel-grass-water-mess (see image below)

I love the views, nice to look at, who can’t appreciate something (or someone) nice to look at?

and finally, its close to home, so I am speed home and make a smoothie.


I’m generally adaptable to the elements however, no one sent me the memo about the 20+ MPH winds this morning, I almost blew into the water but at least I got in some bonus resistance training.

When you are stuck in a rut, unmotivated, and life gets in the way what gets you off the couch and out for a run ?

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