Making The Time

Lately I’m finding it super hard to find make the time to run (and cross train – although cross training is easier because I can do it in my living room or my bedroom or my hallway and easily get to the kiddo if he starts screaming)

With a full-time job, 4 (almost 5) month old, test studying (GRE’s yuck), house hold responsibilities (laundry, ick!) and winter weather it’s been challenging. I’d like to run 4x a week nothing too crazy, maybe 3ish miles 3 days and a long run on the weekends, I’d even be happy with 3 runs total for the week. I know its doable, I know I can make the time, it’s just not happening consistently at this point and its sucks!. I’m finally cleared to run (after a freeking year of dreaming about running) and I just don’t have the time, blah.

I never thought I’d think, let alone publicly state these words… I need a treadmill

treadmill clipart

Why? ugh treadmills! Well having one would make everything SO much easier!I’m not at all trying to make an excuse, sure I could wake up 45 mins early and go run, I could go after dinner, I could join a gym that has child care, I could ask family to watch the little guy for an hour… some combo of this is ultimately what I am going to need to do. Just imagine it though, if I had a treadmill I’d be able do to a quick run at lunchtime, in the am, after work, when the kid naps, when its dark and icy, when I feel like it without worrying about the kid, when its a million degrees, etc sounds perfect right? yeah… until I factor in that I live in a building, also I don’t think id be able to convince the other half that a treadmill would look good in our living room, or bedroom,  all living room’s and bedroom’s look best with a treadmill right? oh and if I get over that hurdle… that building thing, with a neighbor below me, not sure I could get away with that…

Does anyone successfully have a treadmill in an apartment? by successfully I mean you have yet to get kicked out (I own don’t think they can do that) or get a fine? (I know I can be fined for violating rules, we have a noise rule, so … ) Are treadmills really that loud/vibrating underneath? I’d of course put one of those rubber mats down, doubt that would absorb much right?

I’m looking forward to making the time to run, I know I just need to do it! and the spring will be here soon and  the kiddo will be old enough to be in and maybe even enjoy a jogging stroller hopefully soon too so yay for maybe RUNch’s again! RUNches were the best I miss them.

I’d love to know…How do you make the time?



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