Long Road

To say it has been a long road back for me to consistent running would be an understatement, it has been a long-twisty-hilly-bumpy road with a few bad turns down one way streets, dead ends and circles BUT I’m back and I’m in a good place of slowly improving and implementing lasting changes.

Almost 4 (omg yes FOUR) years ago I got injured. Stress fracture in my foot, womp womp. It sucked, I took it slow, I tried to take it very slow as to not further myself… I want to be able to run for years, for 20, 30 or 40 more years so I didn’t want to do anything stupid to ruin those chances so I took it super slow as in 6 months of no to very light running… then I fell pregnant (apparently this is a term people use, she fell pregnant, umm what? weird right?) became pregnant AND was not allowed to run, whatever! I’m so over all of that, so over the roughly year of injury, year of pregnancy and year of recovery, that is behind me and I’m almost to the end of my year of pretty much getting my shit back together. As I am moving into my 4th year, I deem this the year of the PR. All of mine are from 2013 and before and that is not going to fly much longer. I’m not super fast so I should be able to trim a few seconds off something but ultimately I’m working to trim minutes, maybe lots of minutes (like 20) off my half marathon time and maybe 10 or so off a 10k (more on that later) anyway…

It’s been great to be able to actually run consistently, it’s like the best ever. I don’t want to sound like some weird motivation poster but if you are struggling, if you are hurt, or just not feeling the run, having a bad few weeks or months, if you still feel a little burn for running just stick with it, it make take a long time to get back to that zen area of run love but it’ll be worth it when everything clicks.

Happy Running!




    I hope you have a fantastic year! It's your year!

    Wendy | 1 year ago Reply

    I love your last paragraph. I hope your struggles with injury are behind you!

    Marcia | 1 year ago Reply

    Struggling with injuries is so difficult, but I love your positive attitude! I wish you lots of injury free running in the future!

    kookyrunner | 1 year ago Reply

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