Life has a funny way of getting in the way… one thing leads to another and BOOM its been way too long since your last run.

Life throws you curve balls, or nasty sliders, and you strikeout, maybe you even get the golden sombrero (3 strikeouts in one game) maybe you get lucky and bounce back quickly after a strikeout or 2 and hit a home run, maybe even a game winning home run, or hit because a game winning anything is victorious!

Maybe life isn’t being so kind to you are you go through 0-17 slide (baseball talk for not getting a hit for 17 at bats, or about 4 games, its not good) and it sucks, sucks a lot  because you are letting down yourself and your team and you know you are better that this.

I’m I’ve been somewhere in the middle of these scenarios, not in a deep hole of despair about to get benched or fired from my team but certainly not getting a pie in the face celebration of hitting the game winner.

Life also has a funny way of working things out, you can always take the ball out of the dirt, dust it off a little and keep playing, hell you don’t have to clean it at all, just pick it up out of the dirt and go … Baseball is like a marathon, more like an ultramarathon, a 150 miler (baseball is 162 game season before the playoffs) one bad game (just like one bad mile) isn’t the end of the road for you, you have time to turn it around and that is what I am doing.

Life is an ultra ultra marathon, at any point you can change your pace (easier said than done right?) dig deep and continue on.

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