Lebert SRT Barbell Review

As I’ve made it super clear… I have been sidelined from running… for a while now, it been tough however I have found other ways to work out and discovered that I may like more than just running <gasp>. I’m also hopeful that when I can and do start running again my efforts with strength training and general fitness will have made me a better runner, fingers crossed. Recently I have begun using the Lebert SRT Barbell in an effort to build overall muscle, switch up my work outs and strengthen my core, so far it has been working. With that said it has only been a few weeks, but I do notice that I am stronger, I can schlepp in bags and bags of groceries and my arms don’t fail me and It can only get better from here, right?

lebert srt barbell logo

From the Lebert website: The Lebert SRT (Spring Resistance Training) Barbell has spring technology to take your regular barbell exercises and make them much more effective and exciting. Developed and researched with Exercise Physiologists, the LEBERT SRT adds more movement, more muscle activation and more resistance to get into shape faster! With springs set on either side of the two sliding hand grips, users press inward OR outward activating more muscles with every rep while dramatically increasing the calorie count.

lebert srt barbell

I’ve been doing mostly Bicep curls, Pushups and Rows, but get this… I’m looking forward, yes I said looking forward to doing Burpee’s with the SRT Barbell. I’m going to build a little more muscle before I go burpee crazy but I cannot wait! The grips are great! and by great I mean sturdy and feels nice in your hands, even after a hard workout, the springs add a pleasant resistance (it comes with 2 different intensities of resistant springs) to me it feels like a good weight, size and resistance for everyone from beginners (weaklings like me) up to sudo bodybuilder (maybe even bodybuilders? people who are newbies and people who are ripped (and everyone in-between) would benefit from the Lebert SRT Barbell)

lebert srt barbell grip
Now I need to talk about style! I know that style is not everything, especially when it comes to workout equipment, it’s probably not even that important but it doesn’t hurt to have gear that looks good! I know that it makes me want to use it more, does that make me shallow? I don’t think so, 9 times out of 10 I would choose a product that looked better aka had more style over one that didn’t, maybe that is just me? maybe not? Luckily the Lebert SRT Barbell is super stylish, I LOVE the lime green weights/ accents and chrome bar. Would I use it if it was ugly? sure I would because it is a great piece of gear, I’m just thrilled it looks great.

lebert srt barbell weight green

Check out the Lebert website for more info on the SRT Barbell, exercises and to purchase… if you want one, which I think you do because its pretty awesome.

So… tell me, how do you cross train? What has worked for you?


*Note: Lebert provided me with the SRT Barbell in exchange for my honest opinions*

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