It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

Ambassador time!

You know that time of year when all of your favorite brands open up ambassador applications? Some are over and teams are assembled, some are about to announce the lucky few you get to officially spread the love and some are still accepting or will shortly be accepting applications…

Over the years I’ve been an ambassador for a few brands and a couple of races.  I’ve had great experiences, ok experiences, umm this is not for me experiences and OMG awful experiences. I’m not going to name and names or call anyone out, that isn’t in my nature. I’ve turned down ambassador roles for things I don’t believe in, I’ve moved on from ambassador positions I didn’t agree with (things that made me feel icky & not authentic) and I’ve been denied from others that I was perfect for and would have done ANYTHING to have (side note: I’m 99.9% sure i’m about to get denied for a 4th year in a row for an ambassadorship of a product that I use daily, that has literally changed my life, that I love beyond words, wouldn’t ever consider using a competitor and have convinced a whole lot of people to use...)  so look I’m not a complete ambassador expert I just really really want to say to all of you, if any of you are out there reading this that it is going to be ok

If you don’t get picked, it’s going to be ok. 

Disappointment is hard and it is really easy to get into the “why did they pick blogger X instead of me? OMG what ____ got denied but I know she applied and she LOVES you guys?  wait a second…I’m not good enough, cool enough? I don’t have enough followers? but this person has 1000 less and you chose them? what? what? and the even worst of the worse BUT he uses your competitor, he activity promotes your competition and you picked him over me? and on and on and on” It’s tough, It sucks, we all can agree that being rejected is the worst, right? and especially when you feel like you have done your best all year and filled out a killer! application, so guys my words of wisdom, my little piece of advice is to just remember to be true to you and if you really love a product or a race or whatever it is keep loving them, keep supporting them, keep doing what you do to help them be successful because you love them, because you cannot live without them, because you look forward to their race ALL year long, not because they give you a discount or a badge for your blog. Do it for the love.

Happy Holidays and remember you are more than an ambassador -or not – ship.



    I didn't realize this was so competitive! But yes obviously they can only have so many at a time. As you say being authentic is key!

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

      It's like getting in to college... kinda ;) Lots of applicants for a set number of spaces or maybe its one of those things that just seems more competitive than it is although I've seen many people very distraught over not making the cut so ????

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Great post. Because honestly, it's so disappointing when you aren't picked for a brand you love. BUT! There are plenty more ambassadorships to choose from and lots and lots of great brands out there. And great tip -- don't take it personally because so many people apply!

    Rachel | 2 years ago Reply

      Yes!! so many opportunities and it doesn't mean we aren't awesome... and its got to be tough for the brands to pick, I couldn't imagine having to chose 20, or 50 or 100 people out of 500/600/700 or more

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    It is hard to wonder why someone is picked and someone is not! I really think there are a ton of brands that need to be getting in the blogging ambassadorship business. There are so many of us around we need variety in our circles not all under one brand. | 2 years ago Reply

      yeah they should... it would only benefit their business, more exposure, more hype anyway i'm sure some bands would still be crazy popular (ambassador wise) but overall it might alleviate some of the pressure and competition and stop people from applying for ones they aren't really that into :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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