I Love ProCompression

It is no secret that I LOVE ProCompression I post about them on Twitter and again, Instagram, on this Blog way back in 2012 before it was the cool thing to do, anyway I am a HUGE fan. I use the Marathon socks for longer runs (or I did when I could actually run longer distances, silly injuries) also for recovery and I have had been using the Trainer Low socks (which are awesome) for all of my other sock needs, I’ve even worn them to work meetings, (side note ProCompression now has Dress socks for our professional needs, no more excuses to have to wear neon green)  … until now…

Enter the PC Runner…

The PC Runner is my new go to sock! I love love love them. They fit great, they have the perfect padding, they aren’t too thick or too thin AND the colors are fabulous, I hope there are more colors on the way 😉

If you don’t know about ProCompression see this

Have you tried ProCompression? Do you LOVE them as much as I do? If you haven’t tried what is holding you back?

Happy Running!

Disclaimer: ProCompression did not ask me to write this, they did not pay me to write this, heck they have no idea I am writing this.

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