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If you follow me on Twitter – you may have seen some of my excited and or cryptic tweets, or noticed my lack of tweeting and delay in responding, don’t fret I still love you , all of you… I’ve just been crazy busy and preoccupied because I ‘m getting MARRIED!!! Yay! – I like to keep my personal life (aka everything outside of running, fitness & plant based eating) separate from this blog… it’s not a blog about planning a wedding in 8 days – which I do not recommend, being swamped at work, loving my dog, potential family problems and or buying a new couch. So going forward this blog will still continue to be a Running/Fitness/Health and Plant Based eating blog, with a sprinkle or two of personal things.  Being married/getting married/planning a wedding has interfered with my norm (and running) and will continue too at least until next week so I felt it was acceptable to address this reason why I’ve been MIA and the reason why I will be MIA for a few more days, plus I am very excited! No rushing into things, no shot guns here, no pregnancies (that would be interesting…) we decided it was time (been together for 8 1/2 years) and the date is/was of significance to us, plus I do not know how people plan weddings (or any large party/event) for months, so mad props to anyone who has or will, it takes A LOT of strength, decision-making abilities and patience (kinda like training for a long race)

Anyway I’ll be back to posting interesting and insightful (ha) stuff soon, until then Happy Running!


    Congrats! Best wishes on the big day!

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    Congratulations!!! Very exciting

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