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I am normally not a fan of gel nutrition for running/working out (probably because they tend to be full of icky ingredients and chemicals, Huma is not! I wrote briefly about Huma gel last year (HERE) and recently had a chance to try 2 of their new-ish flavors (thanks!) Blueberries and Mangos


huma gel chai blueberry blueberries
huma gel chia mango







These flavors join Apples & Cinnamon and Strawberries to make a great grouping of flavor options. In case you are not familiar with Huma, Huma is made from 100% All-Natural, Real Food ingredients. Look:


Blueberries huma gel nutrition info chia


Wait what? No HFCS? No methy-hydo-sulfate-oil? in a gel? Yup! You read that correctly no crap, junk or chemicals!

I love blueberries so naturally Blueberries is my new favorite flavor. It tastes real and goes down smooth (no more gagging on those other gels or chews) and they have Omega-3’s!!! Now to increase the training and up the mileage so I can eat more of these

Have you tried Huma Gels?

– Happy Running


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