Honey Stinger!

The first Honey Stinger product that I tried was a waffle, it was a few years ago, before I understood running fuel and before I was an everyday(ish) runner. Upon the first bite I was instantly transported to a foreign dessert land. The taste was like nothing I could remember nor imagine a “protein, nutrition, healthy, for your workouts’ thing to taste like. I remember thinking If I get to eat these I’m running everyday! and where have these been all my life.

Honey Stinger Wafers protein bar chews

It is no secret that I love ‘chews’ ‘blocks’ and all of the gummy running nutrition products, they generally taste good and go down easy, plus they can be sucked on instead of chewing. Until recently I had no idea that Honey Stinger made anything beyond the wafers, their Organic Energy Chews come in a wide variety of flavors and don’t disappoint. I tried the Lime-Ade (it is naturally caffeinated from white tea) the Pink Lemonade, the Pomegranate Passion, Fruit Smoothie and the Cherry Blossom varieties. Pink Lemonade is my favorite with Lime-Ade and Cherry Blossom as a close second. Cherry is a flavor I normally do not care for however these were tasty! The Pomegranate Passion was a close 3rd and the runner-up? Fruit Smoothie. It is worthy to note that I have never been a fan of fruit punch or anything along those lines and if I was offered the Fruit Smoothie flavor mid race/long run or given a choice vs a gu-ish product I would pick the Fruit Smoothie chew 100% of the time.

honey stinger chews

The protein / energy bars are tasty (aka no chalky, chemically, nasty aftertaste) provide a good carb to fat to protein ratio for recovery (or pre workout) and come in a variety of flavors to make everyone happy. I loved the Peanut Butter Energy Bar! It was peanut buttery but not overly peanut buttery and the Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Protein Bar came in a close 2nd. In the interest of full disclosure I tend to be extremely picky with my bars and usually shy away from any that contain milk, dairy or whey protein due to a sensitive stomach, with that said neither upset my digestive track and if I come across either in the wild I would give them a chance.

honey stinger protein bar waffel

Since I normally hate gu’s and gel’s I really have no business talking about them and cannot go into much detail. I can say that Honey Stinger has a few varieties, classic and organic, that I appreciate and love that they make an organic energy gel, yay for organic! and if you like gel’s you should give this one a try simply because of its organic ingredients. If you are interested…Check back in a few days for a I want to share the love giveaway

honey stinger organic gels

The Bottom line: the waffle and the chews will (and have already) become a big part of my running nutrition training and recovery process.

Have you tried any of the Honey Stinger products? Do you use any of them on a regular basis? Which one do you want to try the most? Let me know in the comments!

*disclaimer I was provided a sampling of Honey Stinger products to try and review, all opinions are my own. Also Honey Stinger products contain honey therefore if you are a strict vegan or 100% plant based 100% of the time these will not be suitable for you. If you are 90% plant based 100% of the time (or somewhere on the spectrum) like me – the waffels, chews and gels do not contain milk or other dairy products (side note – they are processed on shared equipment) and the protein and energy bars contain milk*


    I am totally interested in tasting the Honey Waffle! Is it like a cracker with a more sweet flavor? I almost bought a few Honey Stinger products the last night I was in my running store, but picked up Gu's to try first. What a great variety to be able to try! I would have a hard time not spending my afternoon opening all the products to taste each one and then be hopped up for the rest of the day! :)

    Deana | 5 years ago Reply

      It was hard to space out the testing, I reminded myself that I wanted to test while working out only ;) and the waffle's are sweet, kind of like a sugar wafer sweet, not like a cupcake sweet and I find them more chewy then cracker crunchy! hope that helps

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    I love Honey Stinger also! I've had the chews and the wafer (OMG awesome). Thanks for the reminder that I need to restock for my half marathon training! ~Ang

    Angela @ The Chicken Scoop | 5 years ago Reply

      glad to be of help, the wafer waffel (i mix the name up all the time eek) is amazing!!!

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Oh yum! The waffles are heavenly! I love all of their products. I have a sensitive tummy with dairy too and I was happy the bars didn't bug me either.

    Lindsay | 5 years ago Reply

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