Note: I consider myself super lucky to be able to participate in the Manitoba Harvest + Sweat Pink #HempProteinSmoothie Campaign! I was provided with the products seen below, I have since purchased a lot more… more on that below. Just keeping it real

launch kit Hemp Protein Smoothie Manitoba Harvest

I LOVE Manitoba Harvest! for so many reasons (being plant based/vegan/natural being the at the very top of the list…) and I’ve been consuming their hemp hearts and protein for years so yes I jumped at the opportunity to test out their new Hemp Protein Smoothie blends. I received a launch kit with Mixed Berry, Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate  Hemp Protein Smoothie flavors and a very awesome Manitoba Harvest shaker cup.

fuelled by hemp protein manitoba harvest

Let me start with the CHOCOLATE! OMG yes! I love chocolate but not all chocolate protein smoothies live up to the chocolate name, this one does. The chocolate did not last very long and I have since ordered more, it is my new go to protein powder, replacing the old Manitoba Harvest Vanilla (the chocolate is always sold out at my local store so I usually go with Vanilla). Speaking of Vanilla… the Vanilla Chai flavor is pretty tasty, I like it with almond milk shaken up very well, it has a mild Chai flavor that adds a little more depth over regular Vanilla but isn’t too powerful… it’s another winner! (my other half really loved it – ordered more of this one too) Finally the Mixed berry… meh, not so much a favorite for me, although it was pretty good mixed in with frozen berries and almond milk. I just tend to like chocolate or vanilla in my shakes so I didn’t expect to love this one, or even really like it so, kinda a win? If you like berry flavored smoothies this is really good.

Want to try one (or all of the) flavors? use Promo code: hempsmoothielaunch16  (good until April 30, 2016) to save 15% and then post a photo to social with the hashtag #hempproteinsmoothie and tag @ManitobaHarvest to be entered to win a case of your favorite flavor!

Have you tried any of Manitoba Harvest? smoothie products Do you drink protein smoothies, if so which kind? Are you a Chocolate, Vanilla or Berry kind of smoothie drinker?


    I've been making smoothies for my very athletic son. Anything with chocolate is a-ok at our house! We're testing Green Blender and I'll have a review on the blog soon.

    wendyistakingthelongwayhome | 2 years ago Reply

      yay chocolate! ill look for your blender review ;)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I love hemp seeds, but I have never heard of hemp protein smoothies, they actually sound fabulous. I'm into protein shakes and drinks right now, I need to check into these. Thanks for the info!!!

    runawaybridalplanner | 2 years ago Reply

    I've actually never tried hemp products so it was interesting to read your review! Admittedly I'm not much of a smoothie person - unless they are pre-blended. I'm usually too lazy to get out my blender post workout!

    Sun | 2 years ago Reply

      these are lazy proof! (i feel you on the blending, and washing the blender blah) no blending needed...they work well just shaken in a cup with a milk product, water is ok too but milk makes it better :)

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

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