Gone Streaking and Getting Ripped

Happy Day 7 of the Runners World Holiday Run Streak aka #RWRunStreak, did I mention that I was attempting the fall/winter run streak again? I am, it’s going well and I’m going out with a bang! By bang I mean a 5k New Years Day Race, this race. Anyone else run streaking?


In the next few weeks I will be testing out and writing about some new (to me) cross training tools that will help with my Project Get Ripped – more on this soon simply it is my mission to tone and define more of my muscles.  No more wimpy 20 minute sudo yoga sessions or half assed 15 minutes worth of gently swinging a kettlebell, I am going hardcore.

First up, the Equalizer (it arrived today!) stay tuned for a review, sample work outs and more photos of shiny pink things! Read more about it here and if you are interested in getting your own I am working on a discount code! yippie!

Happy Hump Day!


    I'm trying to streak this month too. I'll be in iceland for 4 days so now sure how I'll keep up the streaking there but we'll see!

    Liana@RunToMunch | 6 years ago Reply

      I find it harder to run or workout when I'm away from home, good luck!

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

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