Global Running Day 2017

It’s 10am.

I have not run yet.

I did laundry

I walked the dog

I moved the car (don’t ask, it’s something that has to be done strategically around school buses and lets just say it is a production and a thorn in my slide)

I’ve also been working for close to 2 hours and have to work for more, a lot more.

So blah!

I will run later, later like after 4pm, I could maybe squeeze in a RUNch but I’ll have more time later to enjoy the run so for now I’m having A LOT of FOMO!

Like a TON…

OMG all of the instagram photos (side note I’m doing a giveaway on IG so check it out) tweets and status updates

HOLY Awesomeness all of the events going on… man I wish I could be going to all of them, or some of them, any of them really because they all look fabulous

How are you all celebrating today?



    I hope you have a great run once you get out there!!

    Lisa | 1 year ago Reply

    I love days like this when Instagram blows up <3 Hope you got in that run!

    Amy C. (@RunningEscapade) | 1 year ago Reply

      Love seeing all the photos just sucks when you are at 'work' :)

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

    Did you get your run done? I know how the FOMO feels.....I periodically scan through my feed(s) while waiting for downloads to print ...and can almost feel my eyes turn to green with envy. It's tough being stuck inside when it seems like everyone else is outside ;-(

    Kimberly Hatting | 1 year ago Reply

      SO tough! i usually cant get out until late afternoon on weekdays and its so tough to see everyones awesome morning run posts... I got my run in and it was great :)

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

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