Fitness Magazine hosted a fabulous Meet & Tweet event for fitness bloggers yesterday in Manhattan and I was one of the many bloggers in attendance. Jen and I drove in, scooped up @Char_Latte at her hotel and headed to the venue to meet up with Sheryl.


Sponsors (holy sponsors – Reebok, Oakley, Birkenstock, Camelbak, Vichy, KiwiSweat & more) were lined up along the sides of the venue, bloggers and tweeters were everywhere!

I saw a lot of familiar faces, kind of. I’d see someone and think that I knew them, but from where? what was their name? did I know them? or did I recognize them from twitter, blog posts and instagram? I’m thankful I was finally able to connect faces to names and tweets. The energy was amazing and it was motivating to be surrounded by so many fitness freaks!

I’ll be honest, I did not get to hear all of the speakers and panels. The even was so overwhelming it was difficult to pay 100% attention to the speakers at the other end of the venue. With that said the panel I enjoyed most was How to turn your blog into a business with Kelly Olexa, Tina Haupert, Carla Birnberg and the hilarious Julie Fagan These 4 ladies are inspirational, knowledgable and offered great advice for up and coming bloggers like myself.  I am grateful I got to hear them speak in person.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially when the stuff is AWESOME! Swag makes the world go round right? The sponsors of this even and Fitness Magazine were very generous with the swag bag, below is just a sampling of some of the goodies!

A big thanks to Fitness Magazine for hosting this game changing event.

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