Finding Motivation

Motivation, when we have it things are great; when we lack it… well… we all know how that goes.

When we lack motivation getting up, dressed and out the door can be extremely difficult. I try to think about bling (i love bling), sweet gear and all the post run chocolate smoothies I could possibly desire. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it is not enough.

Motivation can be found everywhere, from a tweet to the thought of running to/through a beautiful place.Over the weekend I found a new source of motivation, an excellent ( hopefully everlasting) source that is very close to home.

The Harbor

I set out for a long run with no route in mind, since it was a beautiful afternoon I decided to start by heading around the harbor/beach. This is loop would be about  1.5 miles, maybe 2 and consists of mostly gravel, grass and stone. When I got to the area of the harbor where I usually dash up the grass, hit the sidewalk and head back into town something told me to keep going, so I did. Barley a minute later was when I thought I saw a trail, of course I had to investigate. This trail isn’t long, in fact it’s quite short, maybe .5 a mile (I have yet to clock it) I ran around it 3 times before heading back to the street.  My short and sweet harbor route just got a little longer and a whole lot prettier. How could running with these views not be motivating?

The *New* Trail

So… What motivates you?

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