Do Not Be That Runner

Do not be that person. Do not be that runner. Do not be the guy who sheds his gu packets all over central park, the gal who tosses a Poland springs bottle smack in the middle of her local trails, the runner who drops shit all over like they are leaving a trail, do not be them, love your mother… your mother earth.

Everyone knows a that person, that runner. The litter bug, a trash throwing – habitual plastic water bottle drinking – resource wasting meanie to the planet.  You know the one who throws their gu packets and other wrappers all over the street and or refuses to use a reusable water bottle. Maybe you are that person, if so… lets change that.

Let’s get real for a second, everyone knows littering is bad, everyone knows we need to be ‘nicer to the planet’ I know some of you may be thinking … what the hell does that even mean? or ‘whatever it’ll take years to destroy the planet’ WRONG! I’m not here to go on an environmentalist rant or pull out my recycling police badge, I’m here as a runner who cares about the planet and is sick of seeing runners contribute to the problem. Face it people,  if we continue to treat the planet with disrespect we as runners will be forced to run inside on dread-tread mills a lot more, maybe even always… EEEK! Why? Between horrible storms, the aftermath of the storms, and crazy weather (like the cold temps in California and the crazy hot summers) it’ll be too dangerous to go outside and then the air will pretty much become toxic. NYC Marathon 2018 featuring hazmat suits and treadmills! Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit but you get the point.

trash_bin_ litter

I’m sick of seeing trash on the streets, a candy bar wrapper and a McDonald’s cup is normal, not ok but normal to see. When I see gu packets and a honey stinger wrappers I know that came from you – not from some chubby guy in a 1990’s Toyota. So what can we as runners do? A lot! and a few minor changes can go a long way.

Get a reusable water bottle and encourage your running buddies to get one too! Not the kind to bring to the office, one that you can carry on your runs … make sure you get one that is BPA free so you don’t accidentally poison yourself. Plus side of this? Usually reusable water bottles (for running) are more convenient than carrying a Poland spring bottle,  if you live under a rock or are new to running they made handheld bottles with pockets and belts that the bottles lock into.

STOP Littering. Don’t be one of those douche bag runners who throws their cups, gu packets and or anything all over the streets and especially not on trails. If you see a fellow runner doing it give them the stink eye or call them out on it, when put on the spot or made to feel guilty most people will pick up their trash. I’m not talking about tossing a cup right near a water station, I think you are supposed to throw cups on the ground there… I’m talking about 1/2 mile from the water station where no one is there to clean up after you, on your local street and on trains. Please for the love of coffee stop littering on trails!


Save or Donate your old sneakers. Save them for things like walking the dog or doing yard work – If you’ll use them. If not DONATE – as long as they are not falling apart or crazy stinky – To a local shelter or goodwill. If you are part of a running club host a donation party or something fun like that. If that is not cool enough for you to just donate to a local establishment Soles4Souls is a great organization and Nike  has a reuse a shoe program.

The same goes for your old gear, DONATE IT… as long it’s not permanently stinkafied, filled with holes or falling apart. Maybe it’s the wrong size or the color doesn’t suit your aura anymore give it to someone else, a running buddy, local run club, they goodwill, a shelter, or a local hospital. Of course if it smells like a dirty hot gym and has holes in it toss it, no need to be super gross.

BOTTOM LINE: Keep your trash off the darn street and stop throwing away perfectly good gear.







    This is such an awesome post and so true. It always upsets me when I'll see people not make any effort to throw their stuff away and just...well I'll throw it on the trail or in the middle of the road.

    Hollie | 6 years ago Reply

      Ugh! Right? It's not like it is that hard to find a trash can or to crumble up a packet and hold it for 2 mins until you can find a garbage!

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    So totally agree! I have a super hard time with litter bugs -- especially fellow runners!

    Felice @ The Happy Runner | 6 years ago Reply

      Glad i'm not alone... lets shame all of our fellow runners into using the garbage can ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    Super pet peeve of mine. How hard is it to throw away trash, right?! Thanks for sharing!

    Tara @ A Daily Dose of Fit | 6 years ago Reply

      Exactly!! and its not like anyone is running with heavy trash its a tiny little wrapper (most of the time) lighter than a gps watch ;)

      Josephine | 6 years ago Reply

    Love this, I totally agree! I hate it when I see trash on the ground.

    Shannon Chenoweth | 6 years ago Reply

      Thanks! It's such an easy thing to prevent... thats what drives me mad

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    This is such a great post and everyone should read it! I feel like I'm constantly telling people to recycle or pick up after themselves. It's not that hard!

    Jodi | 6 years ago Reply

      Right? its not like a gu wrapper takes up that much space

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    I can't begin to describe the annoyance I have with littering!!! I'm a teacher, and I make kids clean up after others in our school, and call them out in the street if I see them doing it there...ugh it's such a pet peeve of mine!!! I've held on to sticky gu's for 2 miles, thankfully Central Park canceled that "Carry in Carry out" thing they tried and re installed garbage cans!

    kristin miller | 6 years ago Reply

      Should be a mandatory school lesson, thanks for helping the next generation be less of litter bugs ;)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Yes yes yes! I love this post.

    Renee | 6 years ago Reply

    I know exactly what you mean. I live in a smaller city that hosted it's first marathon last year and it went within a block of my house. A couple weeks later I ran the same road as the race and there were STILL GU wrappers all over the place. Makes me sick. Maybe they should start punishing runners like they do triathletes for littering.

    Thomas Costello | 6 years ago Reply

      They punish triathletes? they should def punish runners then, only fair right?

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Litter seriously makes me irate. I know it slows me down, but I always throw mine in the trash, even right at the stations. I wish I was a bit more a of rebel, but to each his own. haha

    Presley @ Run Pretty | 6 years ago Reply

    I love this post! I totally agree with the water break area in races.. At least aim for the trash cans that are everywhere near them!

    Danielle @ Truffles n' Treadmills | 6 years ago Reply

      and they are usually along both sides of the area and a few are even (usually) scattered 20-50 yards away... ugh

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    I'm happy to say that I don't know anyone who purposely does this but it annoys me so much too, especially in small races where it is completely unnecessary!

    abbi | 5 years ago Reply

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