I Did Not Finish a race this weekend. I’d like to think it happens to all of us, I hope it doesn’t happen to any of you.

It was Sunday, 4/1 and the joke was on me. It was supposed to be my 1st 15k, I didn’t feel very good when the alarm went off, I considered staying in bed before remembering that I don’t quit that easily. I made it to the start of the very small ( 50 ish people for the 15k and another 50-75 for the 4 Mile race) local race. I could have come up with quite a few excuses to drop out before starting, reasons why it would be acceptable and ways to convince my self it was ok.

I wanted to keep going, I thought I could continue on and finish until I remembered a quote… I think Jillian Michaels said it first “Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!”

I puked. I stopped. I am ok, I am not injured, I am not devastated, I DNFed end of story. I learned a few things along the way and can ensure that if I am ever forced to DNF in the future it will not be for the same reason.

In 4 days I am running a 10k, I will finish and I will PR.

Have you ever DNFed? Do you fear the DNF?

Happy Running!


    The lessons you picked up along the way will make you a stronger runner in the end. Good luck with your 10K!

    ruralrouterunner | 6 years ago Reply

    Trying to run while sick is impossibly hard for me, so I'm impressed that you got so far. Good luck with your 10k this weekend!

    Rae | 6 years ago Reply

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