Cross Training with Spinning

Injuries suck, I don’t wish them upon anyone and hope I never have to deal with another. With that said, Cross training is going to be a bigger part of my training going forward, to keep me all around stronger and fitter so we, well I purchased a spin bike and its arriving TOMORROW!!

I use to spin frequently when I was in college, I belonged to a fancy gym with a spinning studio and after I moved/quit that qym I attended classes at dedicated studios. As a young 20-something the expense of spinning classes fit into the I have no other responsibilities budget. Now as a 30 <gasp> something with a mortgage, saving for retirement, saving for a family (aka baby – hopefully coming in 2015, if we are blessed with one, fingers crossed), paying utility bills, feeding and keeping a dog healthy, blah blah blah… you get my point… Spinning classes in my hood (NYC area) are expensive! like $35 a class expensive so going 2x a week for a year is nearly $4,000 and thats just for me not the wifey too and it is not factoring in gas to drive there, paying for parking (which could add another couple hundred dollars yearly) and the hassle of actually planning to go to classes. So yeah the cost benefit analysis (yes i’m a little nerdy) showed that purchasing a spin bike was the way to go.



So does anyone have any good spinning workouts? playlists? or advice?


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