Commitment Day

I kicked off 2013 with a windy, sick, freezing, fun, 5k. When the alarm went off I was torn, stay in bed, stay home and rest or get out there and commit. I should note that I was on day 3 of a wicked cold, no fever, no dripping nose, some congestion, fatigue and a cough – all safe to run with yet all unpleasant. So if I wanted to back out I did have a ‘valid’ excuse, no one would judge me, no one would blame me for staying home, no one except for me. Like they say – I am my own worst enemy – or in this case my own worst critic.

Luckily the race started at 11 am, plenty of time to procrastinate, perseverate, walk the dog and drive into Manhattan. I will spare you all of the tedious details and say that this race, or fun run as they seemed to be calling it was fun, motivating and a fabulous way to kick of the New Year!

Pre Race Crowd
Pre Race Crowd

What did you do/have you done to commit to being fit, healthy and awesome in 2013?


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