City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks

Race 2 of 9 for my NYCM 9+1 for 2013 is in the books.

The weather forecast called for temps in the low 50’s and  rain, heavy at times. Low 50’s? perfect, heavy rain? eah, not so much. The rain would have caused slippery conditions with pollen tree things spreading out all over the path however the rain held off, awesome.

RUN for the PARKS t-shirt

Central Park is an amazing place to run, gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) rolling hills, lush greenery, rocks, pond/lakes, tourist, locals and families having fun. I had a goal, a modest reasonable goal and I beat it, doesn’t get better than that.

Jen & I crossing the finish line

Note to self (and other runners) pee before the race… waiting 4 mins mid race for a porta potty is not fun.


Silly me I forgot to add a photo my post race breakfast noms

6 grain bagel with tofu veggie cream cheese (aka non dairy vegan cream cheese)

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    The ability to find and use a bathroom before a race is my biggest worry!

    Greg | 6 years ago Reply

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