Chia Seeds Are Amazing

I’ve written about them before, I’ve been a fan since before they were super cool (way way back when they were just starting to be cool) I’ve eaten them just about every way people suggest and some ways they don’t, I’ve tried all the drinks, I’ve made my own drinks, I’ve gotten others hooked and I’ve watched them go from weird hippy food to mainstream (yay!) so I can say with a lot of confidence that Chia Seeds are totally awesome!

Chia seeds (not to be confused with chai tea) are the richest plant source of Omega-3s, those amazing vital fats that protect against inflammation and heart disease. Chia seeds actually contain more Omega-3s than salmon, take that myths. The omega-3s in chia seeds can even enhance cognitive performance.

One oz. of chia seeds contains 4.4 g of protein. Complete protein is difficult to come by in the plant world. Chia seeds contain all nine amino acids in proper ratios to form essential complete protein.

Did you know that chia seeds retain about 12 times their weight in water? This is why Chia drinks and puddings are so good (and popular)

Chia seeds are also rich in antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals, aging and cancer. Two tablespoons of chia seeds contain 18% of the DRI for calcium, 35% for phosphorus, 24%for magnesium and about 50% for manganese- the tiny little seeds are packed with awesomeness!

Chia seeds are great in smoothies, in oatmeal, on salads, in yogurt, in pancakes, in baked goods (like muffins or scones), made into a chia pudding (see this) and much much more.

Do you eat (or drink) Chia seeds? What is your favorite way to enjoy them?

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