Chaffing? Blisters?

As a runner I sometimes suffer from Chafing, don’t we all? or most of us at least. Usually this happens to me in the summer when its 1 million degrees and crazy humid, so even though it’s not summer I jumped at the chance to test out 2Toms Sport Shield for Her. Added bonus! It’s great for blister prevention! In the past I have been known to get a nasty blister or 2, I had been using one product on my feet but 2Toms Sport Shield for Her will be my new all over shield for long/longer runs and in the summer.

According to their website

SportShield® for Her! performs under the most grueling conditions and will not rub off.  It even works under wetsuits!


  • Won’t melt – I may have tried to melt it, it doesn’t melt
  • Rolls on quickly & easily – yup it does! super easy, better than all of the other rolls I’ve tried
  • Sweatproof – yup!
  • Waterproof – yup!
  • Delivers All-Day protection against rubbing & friction – yup!
  • Moisture rich protection
    • Contains aloe & shea butter to moisturize and soothe
    • Natural anti-microbial ingredients help protect sensitive skin
    • Fragrance free –double yay! im anti synthetic fragrances aka nasty chemicals)
    • Dye free – yay!
    • Contains no animal products – awesome!
chafing it happens chafed chaffing
But….. it doesn’t have to

If you are prone to blisters or chaffing do your self a favor and check out 2Toms products 



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