Bye Bye BS

Disclaimer: This post is a big ole RANT! If you don’t enjoy rants stop reading right now. 

Has anyone else noticed the rapid decline in content, honesty and integrity of running/running -ish blogs? It seems like over the past few months solid, motivational and ‘go to’ running blogs have turned into giant advertisements, sponsored posts and fake over enthusiastic semi related product reviews.  What the hell is going on? It feels like I’ve stepped into the twilight zone of the stepford fitness running blog wives. So many quality running related blogs seem to have lost  what made them special, lost the essence of truth, the honest motivation, the humanity, everything that made them good is gone.

It is no secret that I sometimes do review in exchange for the product. When I approach or a brand approaches me I don’t consider the product or brand unless I feel it aligns with my passions and is something I generally have an interest in trying and think you guys would like to learn more about. Freeze dried space food on a running blog? Microwave ready frozen meals on a ‘healthy eating/fitness blog’ ? Yoga DVD’s for someone who claims to ‘hate’ yoga? Getting paid to host bets and encourage people to lose (sometimes unhealthy amounts of) weight when your entire blog is about cross fit? Reviewing shoe after shoe after shoe after shoe after shoe … Getting paid to say protein power is great even though you are allergic to ingredients in it and probably never tried it. Again I ask What the HELL is going on?

I standing up and calling BS!  BS to the fake and BS to the lies. I say bring back the honesty, be real in your reviews, (as a side note: explain to me how last month you can describe Mizunos as ‘the best running sneaker, awesome, and my favorite’ then say the same thing about Saucony’s last week and wait for it the same thing about Reebok today? and don’t let me forget that in all of your photos (that aren’t sponsored) you are wearing Nike) speak the truth, refocus, simplify, and most importantly don’t follow along with, play into or encourage the fraudulent behaviors.

stop the bs bullshit

Listen up bloggers, tweeters too… What we like about you is you! We read your blogs, follow your tweets, stalk your facebook page and <3 your instagram photos because of the real-ness, because of the grit, because of the ups and downs, because of the everyday you could be my neighbor, coworker, sibling or bestie feel. We don’t like the BS, we don’t enjoy the entitled pretentious attitude, we are so over the fake contradicting reviews, we miss you, bring you back! You preach #gratitude #proof #grateful #eatclean hashtag this and hashtag that … It is time to kick the BS to the curb, it’s time to say bye bye to the BS mmmk? #BeReal #justsaying

Be honest with me people, am I the only one bothered by this fake, fraudulent new trend? does anyone else even care? and how has this become the norm? Why do we as fellow bloggers and blog readers allow this to happen? and by allow this to happen I mean continue to follow the BS, like BS, RT the BS, comment on the BS and or ignore the BS all together. I want to hear it, am I totally off? wrong? have I lost it? or do you agree with me?


    AGREED. I found myself falling down that slippery slope of being untrue to myself, and thus my readers, for the sake of some exposure. It felt icky and I felt like a fake. I resolved to start 2013 off right and never do that again. I haven't looked back since. #BeReal , I love it

    RunFasterMommy | 5 years ago Reply

      Glad you noticed it and where able to pull yourself out of it, I get that it can be an easy slope to slide down ;)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    You are not wrong, and you are certainly not alone. Some (many) have sold their souls for free products and promises of thunder but in reality, it's just a shit storm of fair weather opportunities to promote things they really can't believe in (to the extent they say, every time they log a post)….le sigh… If people want to use their blog to make money, write reviews (where everything is always the best no matter what!) and basically receive free garb, then fine. My thing with that, please don't expect me to respect your opinions, follow your work, or take you seriously because selling out comes with a cost. I think at some point, they to will realize, nothing is free, and you will pay in some way… Your reputation should mean more than some free kicks… #justsayin

    Hope | 5 years ago Reply

      I love that... "Your reputation should mean more than some free kicks'

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    kelly | 5 years ago Reply

    Couldn't agree more. I like reading blogs because they are real and I can relate to people. I don't mind an occasional review or two but more and more blogs are getting in my do not read category for being advertising only.

    abbi | 5 years ago Reply

      It's almost worse then fashion magazines (with the ad to content ratios)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Great post and it's so true - all of these things drive me crazy. It's funny, I get really anxious about posting any kinds of reviews for these reasons - even ones from my ad network, which are all things I like but are really obviously paid reviews (though I'm clear that they're paid reviews from my ad network). People definitely toe the line of not disclosing and it's not just untrue or annoying, it's illegal.

    Carly D. @ CarlyBananas | 5 years ago Reply

      I hear you, I try to wait and space them out even when they are relevant and giveways - a few here and there are fine, even good its the every day, every post is some kinda of ad for something, everything is 'awesome' and 'my favorite' posts that drive me crazy!

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Totally with you on this. I stop reading those blogs as soon as they start that. Not worth my time, especially when there are so many genuine blogs out there that I can actually relate to.

    Abby | 5 years ago Reply

      I try to ditch them asap too but sometimes I get sucked in and dont realize it until weeks or 4 sneaker reviews in a row that say the same thing later- blah!

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Truth! I don't mind reading the occasional sponsored post because it might make me want to try a new product I might not have otherwise, but I hate when bloggers review products all the damn time! At least make sure you're 100 percent honest with your product review. I highly doubt they like everything all the time.

    Amanda | 5 years ago Reply

      How can you like everything and how can 4 different brands of sneakers all be awesome and your favorite? thats what gets me... the straight up dishonesty, reviews every now and then, sponsored posts every now and then are informative and exciting just not every post ;)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Yes Yes Yes!! I totally agree. I know a lot of those posts are sponsored but I have been lucky to see some that were paid for and yet still honest. See, it can be done! I mean, you can really enjoy the product but like you said, when its every other week it gets a little annoying. And honestly, when I read a review, I'm looking for more than "I liked it". I want to know the quality of the product, how it held up for its designed use, if it was enjoyable, etc. Not "greatest thing ever!" - too subjective for me :P ~Ang

    Angela @ The Chicken Scoop | 5 years ago Reply

      Right? I really cannot stand the - this is a review/sponsored post i liked the product it was great... what did you like about it? and what was so freeking great? details people details ;)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Its so true! I review a lot of products, but I only write what I really feel. If I feel like a protein isn't thick enough or is overly sweet, I say it! And once, I was sent these terrible bars and the company wanted to pressure me into giving away a box of them. I wrote a dead honest review, saying I didn't like the bar, that it tasted terrible, but if a reader wanted to try them, then they were welcome to enter a giveaway for a free box. It felt good to be honest. I realized its so important to be honest about every review because not only are readers depending on them, but also, my grandma calls me and asks if she should buy each product! I would never want to steer someone I don't know or someone close to me in a wrong direction. If I say a bar is my favorite, its because it is, and other bars I review will never be termed as my favorite also because it's not true.

    Melissa @ Treats With a Twist | 5 years ago Reply

      Honesty is so important, I too wouldn't want to steer someone in a bad direction... Even if every post is a review or sponsored or both if most people would be honest it probably wouldn't be so frustrating or seem so fake. You can like 3 different shoes and drink 4 different protein powders but they all cannot be deemed as the same 'your favorite' 'super awesome' or 'really really great' that doesn't help readers and makes the blogger seem super fake ;)

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    Good topic for a post/rant! Luckily I haven't seen that too much but nothing kills my interested for a blog faster than sponsored posts. As long as they are clearly marked as sponsored I can just ignore 'em :)

    Tony | 5 years ago Reply

      I try to ignore, well I tried to ignore the few I use to notice then they were all that I noticed

      Josephine | 5 years ago Reply

    I found your blog from a link on and was intrigued by this post intro! I am pretty new to the blogging world and it was very helpful to read your rant. I will be sure to avoid this slippery slope. =)

    Corine | 5 years ago Reply

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