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Chances are if you are a runner you have heard of Body Glide and if you are not a runner, Hi! – what are you doing here? and why don’t you run? anyway Body Glide, which isn’t only for runners, will literally save your body from blisters, chafing, rashes, and other skin irritations from rubbing, the elements and friction. It is easy to apply, carry and leaves behind no icky stick yucky mess.

body glide original anti chafe balm.jpg

The people over at Body Glide sent me their Skin Glide (cream) and the Original Anti Chafe balm to test out and giveaway to not only 1 but 2 lucky readers, Yay! I had used the Original ‘stick’ before and found it helpful, especially in the summer months. I don’t tend to chafe and usually test clothing out on short runs to make sure it doesn’t cause any hot spots however last summer on a long run, maybe 10 miles I notice that I formed a blister in between my toes and ever since its been prone to re blistering… Insert Body Glide Skin Glide?

body glide skin glide .jpg

This one stubborn toe, no matter what I do – any shoes, any socks, no socks, no shoes – it (sometimes) gets irritated and starts to blister up on 6+ mile runs, I tried awkwardly rubbing the deodorant shaped Body Glide stick between my toes and it worked but it was a pain. The Body Glide Skin Glide has been my savior! Its silky smooth, not sticky or greasy, is easy to apply anywhere and leaves behind no gross odor. It reminds me of a super thick, heavy-duty lotion – but better. I don’t run without applying it.

bodyglide body glide skin glide cream.jpg

Are you prone to blisters? chafing? irritation? Have you tried Body Glide? Thoughts on it or blistering/chafing? Let me know below and enter for your chance to win 1 thingie of each!


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    chafing is my worst enemy!

    chris | 5 years ago Reply

    I LOVE Body Glide! I use it for every run. And I am almost out so I'd LOVE to win some!!!

    Mindy @ Road Runner Girl | 5 years ago Reply

    I'm lucky so far, I've only had chafing on a run in the rain so far - but I know it's coming, especially with summer coming and being pregnant, I'm sure chafing is coming!

    Heather | 5 years ago Reply

    I heart me some Body Glide!

    Abby | 5 years ago Reply

    Only a few times! I should use it more often though!!

    Ashley | 5 years ago Reply

    My last body glide went into the washer--I'd love to win a new one!

    Erin | 5 years ago Reply

    Skin Glide is my savior and one of the best products in my opinion. 26.2 miles and not a single blister. Amazing!

    Stephanie | 5 years ago Reply

    I have been using so much bodyglide the past year!

    runinboise | 5 years ago Reply

    I need this! I have been chafing on my long runs when I have to do them inside in the super hot workout room!

    Danielle @ Truffles n' Treadmills | 5 years ago Reply

    I use bodyglide sometimes but need to be more consistent

    Jen | 5 years ago Reply

    Haven't tried this product before!

    Rachel M | 5 years ago Reply

    I love Body Glide! I haven't heard of their Skin Glide. Good to know :)

    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness | 5 years ago Reply

    Tried the one specifically for women, but not this type, and I'd love to try it out. I definitely get chafing when I'm training for a full.

    Charlene | 5 years ago Reply

    I haven't tried Body Glide yet, but I sure could need some. Since we sometimes get A LOT of rain where I live (Hawaii isn't always bright and sunny..) I've been struggling with some chafing while running around all soaked. But since it only happens every once in a while I tend to forget to buy some kind of body glide-ish product.. I'd love to try it out (and not have to drive in to town to buy one myself - yes I'm lazy sometimes)!

    Evelin (@evelinruns on Twitter) | 5 years ago Reply

    I'm prone to chafing at times, but the frustrating thing is that there's no rhyme or reason to when I'm prone. Sometimes I'll go on a long run and be totally fine but other times I'll be in major pain by the end of it.

    Joe @ The Frolicking Fells | 5 years ago Reply

    I LOVE the original but never tried any of their other product but would obviously LOVE to!

    leah k | 5 years ago Reply

    Love that stuff! Vaseline works in a pinch too.

    Amanda | 5 years ago Reply

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