Blood Dont Lie – An Inside Tracker Review

In an attempt to catch up I’m back tracking a few months to talk about something pretty awesome…  InsideTracker!!!N-O_7ZQb_400x400

These days everyone is talking about them, they are the cool new (newish) kid at the table, the one everyone wants to be friends with and its for a good reason.

I was super excited for Inside Tracker to take my blood! Let me back up, I was super excited for the potential insights yet kind of skeptical of the value (it wasn’t cheap) Anyway back to the blood… Why would I be excited to have blood drawn?  Because stats.  I’m sort of a numbers geek and I’ve been feeling like I’m not doing things right, or like I could be doing things (nutritionally and fitness speaking) better so insert InsideTracker,  could they  have the answers to my prayers?  I mean the answers to my questions? Maybe…

Like I said though I was skeptical, Yes I heard the AMAZING things being said about them all over the interwebs, and they are a Sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for you  so I took a chance and decided to go for it! I was very worried that my inner age would be older than my actual age which is NOT good (spoiler alert, it wasn’t) and I kept reminding my self that if the results were bad at least I would know and can improve them.

Long story short a nice woman came to my house, took my blood, didn’t make a mess, was in and out in 10 minutes in a little less than a week later I had my results…

inside tracker bandaid arm


The big day was FINALLY!!!! here, I got the email that said my results were ready, my heart was pounding (Is this dramatic enough for you guys?) my heart was not pounding but I was super excited!

The results confirmed one thing I knew about, showed me something I had no clue about and gave me a few other insights into things I had kind of sort of though were issues. In summary, I like many others have a few things to work on… A few things which my doctor maybe mentioned maybe not but definitely did not give ways to help improve, that is where InsideTracker makes it worth the cost… Does that even make sense? Oh well, Inside Tracker gives you tips, suggested foods and activities and more to help optimize your health. Check this out.

They provide a tons of food options to improve or as a like to say fix what is wrong. These are my overall goal foods to help me overall.

inside tracker insidetracker goal foods

You can also look specifically at areas you need to improve, so for me I tend to run a little iron low, BOOM! Foods to help with that and how/why they help. This is of course a lot more information than a doctor tends to give you, they may say hey you iron is low take a supplement, Inside Tracker provides health food based options for you.  Side note there were/are a lot more options I just chose to show the top 4, I think I have 13 for Iron improvement. inside tracker iron

Inside Tracker gives you A LOT more info, so many insights, life changing info that anyone could benefit from and I don’t think anyone can say they are perfect in all areas, we can all find something to improve and maybe the test is expensive  however it is your health and wellbeing at stake so a few hundred dollars is nothing, it is especially nothing if it helps to prevent an illness or injury, do I sound like an ad? I don’t mean to, it’s just that Inside Tracker is pretty awesome so if you haven’t check them out what are you waiting for?

Just so we are ALL clear this is NOT a sponsored post, InsideTracker did not pay me, ask me or bribe me to write anything about them, they don’t even know me, well they know my blood but you know what I mean … also for more details about Inside Tracker, check out their website and twitter feed

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