Time for another installment of my semi frequent Foods For Runners themed posts…


OMG Avocados are the best aren’t they?

On toast, on sandwiches, as guac, in tacos, in salads, off spoons, in smoothies, on pizza, as a salsa, as ice cream (I’m told this is good) in sauces, in sushi, and on and on and on…

Avocados are the perfect food… they are classified as monounsaturated fats (they help fight cardiovascular disease & positively affect the cholesterol levels aka they can help lower bad cholesterol levels and help raise good cholesterol levels)  and they contain a good amount of vitamin E antioxidant, more below, potassium – helps muscles, vitamin K- stronger bones, B-vitamins – energy and blood health, fiber – to stay fuller,  and folic acid – vascular function (all effective and important nutrients  for runners)

Antioxidants help your body fight off damage from free radicals aka they help protect organs and tissues from damage over time… this equals less chance for injury and more years of running!

Yes… I know… avocados are high in fat… womp womp… however remember that this is the good fat so eat away… well don’t eat like 4 avocados a day but eat them often because they will make you a super fast runner (this is not true) and the monounsaturated fats can help boost overall cardiovascular health (this is true)

How do you eat your avocados?




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