April Recap

April did not go according to plan (does anything really do though?)



Yup, totally cool.

Look, plans are like rule, they are meant to be broken or in this case they are meant to totally fall apart. I’m not going to sit around and mope or beat my self up for something that is done and over with. That’d be silly right?

So I missed about 12 days, maybe 7 runs due to awful weather and horrible allergies, it’s over now and I can’t change it so BLAH!

Weather normally doesn’t, or hasn’t always set be back but when you have a kiddo to consider aka you need to bring your kiddo on runs you tend to think twice about going out in the pouring rain or at least I do.

So, April was meh. I only got in 18.7 miles HOWEVER that leaves a lot of room for improvement and an already adjusted to allergies and allergy meds me for knocking May miles out of the park.

Happy May & Cheers to lot of miles for all!



    OMG I feel you on the allergies. I've had a chronic headache for weeks. Maybe now all the rain will wash the pollen away. Onward, right?

    Marcia | 1 year ago Reply

      Hopefully the pollen goes away... or we just get used to it and fast!

      Josephine | 1 year ago Reply

    The allergies have been rough here too hope you have a better May

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 1 year ago Reply

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