Alternatives To Running

Since I cannot run… (see HERE for more info on that) I’ve been searching for things I can do…

I can walk

I can sit on the couch

I can ride my spin bike (for 15 -25 mins until my butt hurts)

I can think about how much I miss running

I can eat ice cream, mostly this: DF Mavens

I can look at race bling that will not be mine

I can watch TV

I can think about how much I want to be running

I can watch the grass grow

I can read about other people’s running

I can clean the house (oh so much fun)

I can stalk gear I have no reason to buy

I can … not run.

On a more realistic note, walking has been the next best, well the only other thing that even comes close to running, and it’s not even that close, but its something. It’s outside, I can take similar routes as I would if I were running, I can wear sneakers, It is similar yet different. I just want to run, I want to take off but I can’t so I won’t and I’ll just wait patiently until I can run again.

I have also been doing yoga which is gentle enough to not hurt me or anger my doctors but still kind of in a way intense, and fun. I’m going to try to spin more and I am starting to incorporate extra strength training (more on that soon), not to be body builder ripped but to be and feel strong/stronger and also to feel like I am doing, or accomplishing something. With running you can improve your times and your distances and feel good about that, walking doesn’t do the same thing, neither does spinning and yoga, at least not for me so i’m hoping adding some muscles will.

What do you do when you cannot run?

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