Accountability is a tricky thing… or is it simple and we insist on making it tricky?


I have not been accountable to myself, I have  been seriously shitty on my plant based-ness (cheese has always been my biggest weakness) and on the running front… in my defense I did drop a thick piece of wood on my foot 2 weeks ago and I did think maybe I broke my foot but I didn’t and I was sucking for weeks maybe months before that, but it was a legitimate excuse for like 10 of 80? maybe days of suck. Any who… I’m not going to post daily run updates or what I ate or anything like that, it’s just not me, it’s never who I have been and I’m not going to start that now HOWEVER I am going to post monthly-ish run recaps, like monthly mileage totals, thoughts something like that and I am going to post more FOOD stuff, everyone love food right? All of this is part of my plan and goal to be more accountable, not necessarily to any of you who may be reading this but more to my self but if anyone wants to be accountability buddies i’m in.

I made these super awesome gluten free vegan blueberry muffin cookies this morning, they are amazing! and super easy to make

Vegan blueberry muffin cookies

Can’t take credit for the recipe but I can tell you if you like cookies and or blueberry muffins…you need to make them, do it!

I didn’t run today, I may not run tomorrow, but I will run this week.

Share with me, I’d love to know how you guys stay accountable?


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    Those cookies look delicious! I do weekly reviews to try to hold myself accountable. I've been having a hard time recently too since I hurt my foot a couple weeks ago but I'm ready to get going again :)

    Chaitali | 2 years ago Reply

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