Aren’t ‘About Pages’ so much fun?

I’m Josephine… A back of the pack runner chasing down the mid pack (and failing to catch them) since 2011nyc half 2012 nyrr

I love race bling, compression socks! and COFFEE! pretty typical right?

A few more random things:

– HUGE New York Yankees fan

– Addicted to almond milk lattes

– Toddler mom & newborn mom

– Plant based eater – hence the blog name… see HERE for plant based eating info.


If you are still reading this I can also be found on Twitter and Instagram 

Happy Running

also just because…

Note: I am not a medical doctor, dietitian, or other wise considered a healthcare of fitness professional (yet…) so take this (really any bloggers advise) for what it is (aka an interested party sharing their opinion and knowledge) and always check with a professional if you feel inclined. 

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