A Super Awesome Holiday Gift Guide For Runners

It’s that time of year… the time when every blogger comes out with a holiday gift guide aka products they want, love and or promote and I know that there are hundreds of these lists out there with a lot of redundancy, some of these list are a little too generic, while others are way too specific to be useful…Hopefully you find this list to be just right because I tried really hard to make it way too generic and a little too specific 😉

Runners are all different (duh) yet we are all pretty much the same when it comes to things like the need for sneakers, the obsession with specific socks, preferences for fuel, or favorite brands, our love or late for gu and a lot more, a WHOLE lot. So when in doubt a gift card is always a good idea, local running stores, iTunes, even big box sports stores have quality gear…. tech gloves, hats, a buff , a race registration or even better a card with a homemade ticket good for one race registration of the recipients choice would all be nice gifts however if  you are looking to be more creative, take risks, or maybe you are shopping for your significant other read on…

Boutique fitness class(es) – I’m taking beyond yoga here – yoga is great, especially for runners but we all know we need to do it and can kinda sorta do that at home but if your special runner loves yoga then yay yoga! get them a class or two or eleven. Now if your runner is meh on yoga or does it at home go with something like Oangetheory, Soulcycle, local bootcamps, cross fit boxes, cycling, boxing, etc. Some kind of fun group class for cross training, a great idea for a significant other is to do the class together, how fun? I think it would be fun…

orange theory orangetheory white plains westchester ny discount

Side note: if you are in the Westchester NY area use my orange theory referral link for a special discount on membership, probably not the best gift for a running buddy but maybe for a super special person or your self 🙂

These tend to run $15 – $35 for a single class, with many places offering multi class discounts

Erica Sara Run Ring or Necklace – Probably not the best gift for the runner dude in your life but OMG this is awesome! Who wouldn’t want one of these? For real?!? Links to the Necklace  and the Ring also check out her other running inspired jewelry, it is all pretty awesome!run_necklace erica sara run rose gold

The ring is $45 and the necklace is $58 or $78 depending on the material

Socks, but not just any socks... Pro Compression socks!!!! If you are not a runner you must be thinking something like WTF socks! is this idiot for real? I want my friend/boyfriend/ girlfriend/ boss/dad/mom/sister/kid/wife/husband/etc to like me not to think I’m a lame weirdo I’m not buying them socks – was I close with that? ANYWAY Pro Compression socks are NOT just socks they are everything, I wish they had a sock of the month or sock of the quarter subscription (they do have a sock of the month- aka a special sock design that comes out monthly in limited quantities and is typically super awesome) because that would be a fabulous gift! They help with recovery, circulation and cramping and they come in some pretty sweet designs (check out their instagram) and in a few lengths (short, mid, high)

pro compression socks procompressionThese run $25 – $55 per pair. A ‘Pro’ tip…you can often find a discount code or 2 floating around twitter

Hand held water bottle – A LOT of companies make these and they are NOT all created equally… aka some of them suck. Nathan makes some good ones (quickdraw and speeddraw) and so does Ultimate Direction (fastdraw and jurek grip)

jurek grip handheld water bottle

You can get a good to decent one of these for around $25

A pair of Brooks Ghost 9’s in size… oh wait this is just for me, I wouldn’t recommend buying sneakers for someone else… Gift card for sneakers is a hell yeah though

Runners box  – Stride Box, Runner Crate,  RunnerBox, Fun Run Box and Gone For A Run’s RunBox gift box, they all have the same idea – a box full of awesomeness for runners (fuel, gear, samples of stuff to try, etc) Gone for a runs box is sightly different, they have a few options for products includes and aren’t subscriptions.running-box

These start at $20 and go up depending on length of subscription

Yaktrax’s! these nifty things attach on to sneakers to make for safe winter running aka on packed snow and ice without falling, they make a few different kinds in this case you want the Yaktrax RUN.

yaktrak run yak trax yaktrax

These cost about $40

A GPS watch – This one is kind of a generic idea yet maybe risky and pricey depending on the brand, model and if your special runner needs/wants one. I’m a big fan of Garmin, Garmin is the go to GPS watch for runners – right guys?  Many other brands make GPS watches, even the new iWatch looks awesome – I would personally stick with Garmin for gifting, the Fenix is AMAZING! The Forerunner 35, 235, 735xt and the vívoactive HR are all also great choices.

garmin give a garmin

These start around $200 and go up to around $600

foam roller, but not just any foam roller the GRID Mini Foam Roller why? because EVERYONE needs a foam roller or two and this one is tiny and cute aka portable and eco-friendly, yay! and it comes in 3 colors – black is a safe bet.grid mini foam roller tpt trigger point therapyThese cost about $25

and finally if you are feeling extra generous head over to Inside Tracker and get your runner a test and maybe one for your self also. The Ultimate test would make the ultimate gift and the Performance test wouldn’t be too shabby either.

inside tracker insidetracker logo

Test start at about $150 and go up to around $500

Runners! What is on your wish list??

None of the mentioned companies compensated me in any way for posting this, these are my views an as stated the Orangetheory link is an affiliate link, I get credit to use in the O store (for like a t-shirt or towel) if people use that link to sign up.


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