A New Plan

I’m in training… I was going to be secretly in training but whats the point in that? Anyway I am running a half marathon in January, 10-ish weeks to be kind of exact… did I mention this half is in NY… I’m crazy I know, but yay races!

My plan is to run… to run a lot, well not too much but enough to get me to my goal. Which brings me to my goal… simply to get to the start and secondly to finish.

No time goals.

No PR expectations.

Nothing beyond the fun of the run.

My new plan is to just to run and to enjoy it.




    I think that's a great plan! In fact, that's how I approach most of my half marathons!

    Wendy | 9 months ago Reply

      if its not fun why do it right? got to keep it fun :)

      Josephine | 8 months ago Reply

    Sounds like the perfect way to plan! Running should be enjoyed

    Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner | 9 months ago Reply

      do it for the love of the run right? ;)

      Josephine | 8 months ago Reply

    Excellent plan, Josephine. Make sure you enjoy the race and the training prior to it. ;)

    Agness of Fit Travelling | 8 months ago Reply

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