A Long Run

On sunday I ran my longest run to date, it’s about time. I’ve wanted to run distances for a years, I wanted to get back to my almost daily 9 minute per mile 3-4 mile runs of my early 20’s.  I wanted to run a half marathon, a marathon, maybe even an ultra, however my body and my mind did not sync up.

7 miles in, starting to warm up

2 years ago I could barely walk 2 miles (out of shape + uncontrolled asthma) so to all of you out there struggling with time goals, distance goals, motivation in general… keep your head up. To everyone who wishes and hopes to be able to do one thing but has a body with other ideas… keep at it. To all my runners, walkers, everyone in between and couch potatoes wanting to make a change… if i can do it, you can do it. 

Over the weekend I ran 10.1 miles, my first double digit run. Ten miles, I realize that in general this is not overly impressive and not award worthy.  I knew that for my long run I was going to need a destination, a pretty destination with varying scenery, I chose to run to my favorite local town, Larchmont.

The park surrounding the water

Straight shot from my door to the water is about 3.25 miles, that was not far enough. I was going to have to head into both my town and Larchmont as well as twist around the  back roads (residential tree lined streets with sidewalks and kids playing in their yards) to hit 10 miles.

I made it to the park/water in about 4.5 miles. I took in the sights, snapped  a few photos, popped a shot blok and headed for the awesome town of Larchmont, NY.

So happy I can run to such a beautiful place

Thanks to the beauty of my geographic location I have a new found love for long runs and see many more in my near and distant future.

Do you remember your first double digit run? Was it full of awesome or pain? (surprisingly my legs feel great today)

Where did you run take you this weekend?

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    Love this!!!! And yes, i still remember my very first. But then, I remember my first 3.1 mile run. I remember my first 500 yards! (with a bit of agony really) i haven't run since my marathon a day before my 40th (dec 3).... injury has prevented it. but i'll get back to it -- can't wait. thank you for the delish post. Keep running with a smile. Onward and upward, always. Tanya GOTRIbal baby!

    tanyamaslach | 6 years ago Reply

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