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Disclaimer: It is unfortunate that I due to massive dishonesty in the blog world I have to (or feel like I have to) state the following… I am not an employee (but how cool would that be!?), ambassador, on retainer, being paid nor have I been asked to say the following. As always these are my views, opinions and findings of products that I have purchased and actually use

The following 4 items have revolutionized my training, without them I’d probably be sitting on my couch all despondent unmotivated and injured.

Brooks Pure Flow (and Pure Flow 2s) – I’m a huge Brooks fan, I’ve tried other brands in the past but since the Pure line of Brooks was released nothing else lives up to them. I use to have issues with shin splints and calf pain(s)… not any more. If you haven’t at least tried on something from the Pure line I HIGHLY recommend it.

brooks pure flow 2 brooksrunning pink

Skratch Labs – hands down the best hydration product, free from chemicals, crappy, nasty stuff and it tastes great – and no I am not an ambassador, being paid or an employee (i wish) of Skratch, it’s just a product I found that I think is fabulous!  * I should note that between when I started this post and it finally being posted the awesome people at Skratch did send me a package full of Skratch products, since I love to share the love I’m going to do a giveaway on thursday – stay tuned!*

skratchlabs skratch hydration

Picky Bars – if you haven’t tried one of these super dairy and gluten free bars you are really really missing out, like for real! try one, they taste amazing and provide optimal fuel, its freeking science dude! I’m a crazy Picky Bar fan girl but seriously try them!

Picky Bars pickybars

Pro Compression – If you haven’t heard of ProCompression you must be living under a rock, right? It is no secret that I am a BIG fan, I even hosted a giveaway way way back in the day… since then? I must have bought about 6 pairs, you can never have enough compression socks!

procompression socks

What are some things that leveled up your training/running?

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