2016 Race Calendar

*Updated June 2016*

I have serious race envy from being out of commission for so long… Big time race FOMO and I want ALL of the bling! Literally all of it!

Below are the races I am running/hoping to run in 2016: I’ve added links so you can check them out

calendar circled date

March/July/October – Run The Bay Challenge Series
This is a chance to earn some epic bling! 3 medals plus a challenge one!
More info HERE

March 6th – 408K
8K, the first part of the Run The Bay Challenge Series)
March 14th – Pi Day 5k
I love pie! and I’m a little nerdy so this virtual is perfect, plus the medal looks pretty awesome

April – Looking? dropped the ball on this one, oh well…
I’m looking for a 5K or 10K or something like that for April, suggestions in the NYC area?

May 21st – Airbnb Brooklyn Half didnt run
Thinking about this one… not so sure though… i’ve got a week to decide before registration opens and sells out in the same day


July 10th – Across The Bay 12K & 415K 
(Again as part of the Run The Bay Challenge Series) Bling, bling and more bling baby!

September 25th – Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon
This one is tentative, I’ve been eyeing this for years (volunteered a few times when I couldn’t run) and its in my hood so I’m hoping 2016 is my year to run it… but i’m not totally committed yet…

October 8th – Rock N Roll Brooklyn Half
Way back in 2011 the Rock N Roll Brooklyn 10k (before the half existed) was my 1st race of adulthood, not sure I’m excited for back to back halfs but it will make me FINALLY!!! eligible for HALF FANATICS! The first time I heard about them (way back when they only had like 800 fanatics (13+K now!) I knew I NEEDED to be a member maybe 2016 is the year for me? or maybe it isn’t only time will tell

October 9th – Let’s Go 510! (3rd and final part of the Run The Bay Challenge Series )Final race of the trio, bling bling bling!

October 22 – The Color Run! Yay for run right? everyone needs a fun race or 2 a year. Want to run with me? or if you want to run and not with me is cool too, use code BRIDGE4 to save $5 (Register / More info HERE)

December – Something? Anything? It’s too early to decide

What races are you running in 2016? and are you planning on running any of the races?

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    Those sound like some interesting races. I'm hoping to run my first RnR half marathon in Dublin this year, I've heard they are great fun.. And I reckon you should just go and register for the Airbnb half.. It must be pretty good if it sells out in a day??

    James @ HalfMarathonJames | 2 years ago Reply

      Ooh Dublin sounds fun! As for Brooklyn, yeah its great race ends at Coney Island...but it's at the hight of allergy season and i'd have wake up at like 3am =/

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Great race schedule!! Yeah...RnR Brooklyn! I ran the inaugural last year....it was fun! Congrats on the Airbnb half...I have heard good things about it.

    fitballingrunningmom | 2 years ago Reply

      thanks! hopefully both brooklyn races are great this year!

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    So I just stumbled across your blog today and as it turns out we have run or are running almost all of the same races...crazy! Did you ever find anything for April? My last race was the 408k...I was injured about a week afterwards and now I'm not supposed to run until mid/late April. My next race is the Brooklyn Half (I've given up on a PR with this injury, but I still want to do it) but I'm looking for a something small (5k probably) to get my poor injured ankle moving again before then.

    Leigh | 2 years ago Reply

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