10 Things I LOVE About Running

For Valentines day #runchat wanted to know 10 things you love about running, this was (and still is) my list.

1. Community – runners are awesome, in person & online

2. Bling – shiny sparkly medals.

3. Gear – sneakers, gadgets, apps, headbands, belts, etc. I love gear.

4. Shirts – tech t’s, long sleeved t’s, and I hear some races even give out hoodies.

5. Food – training means eating more, carbs, cookies, chocolate, shakes and smoothies.

6. Racing – crossing the finish line is inspiring.

7. Blogs – running blogs are funny, sweet, awesome and exciting.

8. Outdoors- who wants to be in a smelly hot sticky gym when you can workout outside?

9. Shock – when you tell non-runners how far you ran, the looks on their faces are priceless.

10. Legs – running makes my legs look hot

Do you love running? why?

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    I love how it clears my mind~

    tuesday2 | 6 years ago Reply

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