10 Plant Based Pre Run Fuel Options

I sometimes  often have trouble eating first thing in the morning, like super early, before I am totally awake and most races (and long runs) seem to start at the crack of dawn so pre race and pre long-ish run fuel hasn’t always been easy for me… I’ve tried not eating (don’t do this) I’ve tried eating mid run (not so easy and not ideal) and I’ve tried forcing down various foods (again not fun). We’ve all been told that Pre run fuel is super important and yes it is a vital component of running nutrition, below are 10 plant-based pre run fuel ideas some of which are easy to eat first thing.

Avocado toast – My favorite way to prepare this is to take a slice of multigrain bread (toasted is yummy), add avocado, pinch of salt, sprinkle of black pepper and a few flecks of red pepper – this is more of an evening/afternoon pre run food for me but it could work in the morning for you.

avocado toast bread

Banana with peanut, almond or cashew butter – Honey is a nice addition if you are into honey. This combo also works well on toast (raisin bread is great!), waffles (the frozen kind) and graham crackers.

toast with pb and banana peanut butter

Oatmeal – with raisins, banana, berries or just alone, great on cold mornings.

Graham crackers, with or with out a nut butter and or honey – These are easy to get down, without the nut butter they aren’t very substantial but still something is better than nothing right?

GrahamNana’s – I made these up, well I’m sure I wasn’t the first person to try them… anyway they are a variation of the banana, nut butter, honey, combo except on graham crackers.

Frozen waffles – 1-2 of them, I skip the syrup and add a nut butter, or just eat them plain. I like Natures Path Chia Plus ones the most! I think they are gluten free.

natures path chia plus chai seed

PB & J – I prefer it on multigrain or rye but use any bread you have/like, usually a 1/2 of sandwich works for me for long-ish runs.

Carrots or celery and nut butter – yeah I’m a big pusher of the nut butters, this would also work well with hummus, probably not in the morning though unless you are into 5am hummus which is cool if you are.

carrots and pb

Pretzles – with or without a nut butter or hummus.

Also I’m not a fan of yogurt, so I’m putting this last, if you like it, try  a soy or almond milk based yogurt with granola, I’m told its easy to eat and filling.

What is your go to pre run fuel?



    Lots of great options! I do anything with nut butter!

    Melissa | 2 years ago Reply

    Great ideas! I'm a peanut butter toast gal myself.

    Wendy @ Wholistic Woman | 2 years ago Reply

    PB&J is my pre-run go to before morning runs. If it's a post-work run, I usually have string cheese and an orange in the afternoon.

    Chaitali | 2 years ago Reply

    I love eating overnight oats before a long run or race. It seems to keep me full, but not make my belly slosh around. PB & Banana works well too, but doesn't keep me full for any longer distances.

    Jessie @ The Acquired Sass | 2 years ago Reply

      sloshing is the worst :( whatever works right?

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I've still yet to try avocado toast. Not sure why it's taking me so long - I love pretty much anything that includes a layer of avocado on top :) My current favorite pre-run fuel is one of my homemade Power Scones topped with a tablespoon of peanut butter. It's seriously delish and gets me through even the toughest runs!

    Sun | 2 years ago Reply

      avocado toast is the bomb! (is that still how the kids are saying it? ) its so so so good!

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    I'm either an oatmeal or half a bagel kinda gal! Love me some pb too. However, I recently converted to almond butter because I felt like peanuts just give my GI a fit! Great list. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll try the avocado toast next time. Brilliant idea!

    Jess@Run Pink! | 2 years ago Reply

    These are all of my fave snacks! I have not put PB on carrots yet yummy

    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner | 2 years ago Reply

    My prerun fuel? Coffee with chocolate soy milk. And if it's longer than an hour, I eat a bowl of cheerios and a glass of oj. Nothing crazy.

    wendyistakingthelongwayhome | 2 years ago Reply

      i wish i could drink coffee before... i get too jittery :(

      Josephine | 2 years ago Reply

    Early eating is something I really struggle with too - definitely going to try out some of these to see if the tastiness softens the blow of the early breakfast!

    Jen at Plant Based Potential | 2 years ago Reply

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